Electric Privacy

While the concept of territorial privacy (“the house of everyone is to him as his castle and fortress”) can be traced to back to Semayne’s Case in 1604, it has evolved and become more nuanced over time. Information emanating from the home has received less generous privacy treatment and that subject is to receive further […]

Research, Networks & Privacy

Research, in whatever field of endeavour, is considered to have a useful societal purpose. But, in the case of people using networks, at what point does it cross the line into violations of personal privacy? According to this press report last week, Pete Warden has amassed details on 215 million profiles on Facebook and plans […]

Dot Indicia

“Dot”: Old English. A spot. A mark. A period used in applications as a name separator in files and web addresses. “Indicia”: Latin. Signs, indications, evidence. “Dot Indicia”: A personal blog examining marks and signs in our world about information, privacy and security.