The Book Is Out

For those who may be interested, that book I kept rambling on about (and which took me away from blogging) has now been published. The Law of Privacy is available through Lexis Nexis. I’m most grateful to David Loukidelis, the former Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia, who was kind enough to write the forward.     […]

Our regular schedule will resume shortly…

I’m pleased… Enormously pleased… Cannot tell you how pleased… To finally be able to say that the book manuscript has been submitted to the publisher earlier this week. Talk about something consuming an incredible amount of time and energy. I’m informed by the good folks at LexisNexis that The Law of Privacy will likely see the light […]

Dot Indicia

“Dot”: Old English. A spot. A mark. A period used in applications as a name separator in files and web addresses. “Indicia”: Latin. Signs, indications, evidence. “Dot Indicia”: A personal blog examining marks and signs in our world about information, privacy and security.