“Your Word Is Your Bond”

“Your word is your bond.” It’s a phrase that draws its origins from the Third Commandment and demands a high degree of integrity. However, substitute “password” for “word” and “security” for “bond”, and the story is very different in the world of online authentication.

Borderline Privacy

K.T. Oslin won Best Country Vocal Performance at the 1988 Grammies for a song about three girls who grew up to be ‘80s Ladies – one of whom was a “borderline fool” who crossed that border every chance she got.  While the song and, perhaps, the singer won’t be remembered today, this notion of being […]

The Cloud, Security & Standards

For better or worse, the cloud can be seen as a “game-changer” in how we store and process information. While the placement of intellectual property, business confidential or personal information in the Cloud raises security concerns, it does offer benefits. In other words, it’s coming – whether we like it or not.