Whether in business or government, your legal responsibilities and obligations for information within your control requires managing new risks that influence strategic objectives, affect operational activities and damage reputations.

Michael Power advices clients on privacy and confidentiality/security issues, whether they concern clients, employees or third-party relationships, to strengthen information management strategies and frameworks.


To manage and reduce your information-related risks requires effective governance mechanisms. Privacy strategies and programs equip you to plan ahead and maximize privacy and security within your organization while meeting your business objectives.

With experience in privacy law, assessments, audits, and risk management, Michael Power can identity your legal and business risks and provide the advice, policies, tools, strategies and programs to mitigate your privacy and security risks.

Incident Management

Privacy and security issues can arise unexpectedly as your business model or processes evolve. Such issues can result in incidents that disrupt your organization’s business or reputation. By designing response programs, triaging incidents and developing long-term solutions, Michael Power can assist in minimizing the effect privacy and security incidents can have on your organization.