Ontario EHR Governance Arrives…

I had previously written on the subject of electronic health records here, as well as about their governance here. The latter post was about the state of EHR governance in Ontario, especially when one considers legislative developments in Alberta and BC. It seems that the current Liberal government has decided to address the issue with the […]

Governance: Is Ontario Ready for an EHR?

Imagine building a house without wiring it for electricity. Despite good intentions, millions of dollars, years of effort and, probably matching the historical norm of any visionary undertaking, a scandal or two, Ontario does not yet have an electronic health record (“EHR”). Despite some success with building networks and applications to support an EHR, the […]

Two-Tier Healthcare; Two-Tier Privacy

“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Rich Boy”, 1926 In healthcare, they have more privacy.

Ontario’s Diabetes Initiative, Part 2

This post was co-written by Michael Power and Anita Fineberg. Ontario’s Diabetes Initiative raises more troubling questions than could be addressed in one posting, so here’s Part 2.

Ontario’s Diabetes Initiative: Big Brother Carries a Stethoscope

Hi there. We’re the Ontario Government. We know you have diabetes but don’t worry we’re here to help. We’re going to send “The Diabetes Testing Report” to your doctor. It will tell him or her when you last had three important tests: blood sugar test (A1C), cholesterol test (LDL), and retinal eye exam. If you […]